I was invited by Vinicio Luna
Director of Logistics in the Ecuadorian Federacion of Soccer
To meet with Yagna Romero, one of the architects in charge of this monumental sports complex called
“La Casa De la Selección”.
Now, she doesn’t know that Im coming
and she tends to get a little nervous in front of the cameras
Lets see how it goes.

I have arrived to the Home of Ecuador’s National Team.
I am in the altitudes of Quito, where breathing is difficult
Lets go inside

This is Architect Romero
“No, you have to speak”
“And Vinicio Luna is going to hide now”
“I already spoke right?”
“He did speak already”
“You see, now is your turn”

This is the presidency room of the Home of Ecuador’s National Team
Administration gathers in this office every Monday and Friday

I will die without seeing my national team in a world cup
That’s what Ecuadorians used to say

This is the Press Conference room
Whenever the team is here, they gather with Management and Press

Here we have 5,400 meters of construction
It was a complicated construction because we are on mountains
so everything was build over man-made fillings

Now, we stop saying that we are not going to make it to the world cup
now we have been in 3 world cups
and the fans should support positively so that Ecuador goes to to the next World Cup

This is the gym for the mayor national team

I was impressed by the beauty and high tech this complex offers.
No wonder is considered one of the best in the continent.
I guess this explains why Ecuadorian soccer has evolved so fast.
But I wanted to know if youngsters have access to this place as well,
and this is what Vinicio told me…

For example today is playing D. Quito and U. Catolica in mayor league
so, we also have 12, 14, 16, 18 and Reserved Divisions playing at the same time
that’s why soccer has evolved here, now on these days we have 5 divisions playing unlike the past times
check out the view, at night looks like Christmas, full of lights

Ecuador’s has evolved it’s game
we already have been within the top 10 in FIFA’s ranking
now people talk about Ecuador’s soccer

This is the soccer field we are going to see
This is the lower lever field
the coliseum
There was games today from the 17 years old
before, the youngest divisions used to play in inhumane conditions outside this complex
in fields of dirt or stones
so, we are here to give them access to the best fields as long as they take care of them

Where are we now?
In the dressing room of the National Team

Now we are used to win at home
we don’t even like to see our National Team in a tie game
thats because we won 7 games out of 8 locally
only having 1 tie game in the last qualifiers

This is the polar pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi…
This is the famous jacuzzi where players danced in it before a game

We have 3 blocks of bedrooms in this complex
2 blocks are used by the first team
and the 3rd block is for younger divisions

We should go with the mentality of being world champions
to go as far possible, lets not put limits to ourselves

This is the eating area, is open so that players have an open relationship with the kitchen staff

Hello, whats your name?
Consuelo Gonzalon
What is the favorite dishes that players preferred?
it could be a chicken soup, plantain balls and hen stew
where in Ecuador do you come from?
I am from Ibarra
ah, is beautiful there
thank you so much for your time

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