Home of Ecuador’s National Team

I was invited by Vinicio Luna, Director of Logistics in the Ecuadorian Football Federacion, to [...]

Everything Is A Ball

It is amazing how easily we have to play football with anything [...]

Barcelona SC & Zona Norte

Growing up in the city of Guayaquil, I have experienced the passion [...]

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In my journey to raise funding for our social cause, I traveled the South American roads towards Brazil’s World Cup 2014, in the search for soccer’s historical roots, its diversity, culture and to reconnect to my Latin American roots. Along the way, I documented legendary stadiums, personalities and demonstrate how, in many ways, soccer is being played in this continent.


The victims of the earthquake urgently needs  clean water for sanitation and health. Our social cause is to mobilizing funds for the Red Cross and local NGOs to do relief work where and to whom it is most needed. We connect with local NGO’s who knows the communities and will stay for the long run. Acting now for sustained support to the victims of this crises.


Donate! Your money will deliver clean water, sanitation and health to victims of the earthquake through local NGOs. Our local partner need acute contributions to deliver humanitarian assistant today. We choose to work through local partners because they are intertwined with the communities, they know the needs of today and will work alongside the communities during the recovery and development phase of tomorrow. Todays emergency done right builds opportunities for the future.